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 1-99 Summoning guide~xevolutionz

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PostSubject: 1-99 Summoning guide~xevolutionz   Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:55 am

To start summoning, go to ur quest tab, click on "skilling teleports" and click on "next page" and click on "summoning."

Now that your there by as many charms and spirit shards and pouches as possible (buy a good amount of all charms and buy ALOT of spirit shards)

Now from level's 1-23 you are going to want to summon "Spirit Wolf Pouches." (Ingrediant's= Gold Charm, Wolf bone, and 7x Spirit Shards. -(After making the pouches convert them into "Howl Scroll's.)

Next you are going to be making Albino Rat Pouches from level's 23-58 (for this you will need a Blue Charm, Raw Rat Meat , and 75x Spirit Shard's.)-(after a full inventory, convert all the pouches to scrolls.)

Next from level's 58-79 you will be making Karamthulhu overlords. (you will need a bluecharm, empty fishbowl, and 144x Spirit shards.)

Now you will be doing Fire Titans from level's 79-99. (you will need a blue charm, fire talisman, and 198x sprirt shards.) You also will not beable to turn these pouches into scrolls so if you can just ::bank or tele near a bank then tele back ;s

Goodluck. Wink
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1-99 Summoning guide~xevolutionz
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