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 1-99 Fishing guide~xevolutionz

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PostSubject: 1-99 Fishing guide~xevolutionz   Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:15 am

Start off by teleporting to the fishing skill teleport which can be found in ur quest book in "skilling teleports"

Next you will be fishing by a small fishing net from level's 1-35

Next you will be fishing with a harpoon from level's 35-90

Next you will be fishing rocktail. To fish rocktail you will need to buy a fishing rod and about 200 Living minerals to get from 90-99 fishing. To find rocktail you can simply teleport to ::home and there should be a bubbling water on the ground next to the ancient altar and lunar altar. (fishing raw rocktail is amazing money, best money maker ingame!)
Goodluck. Wink
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1-99 Fishing guide~xevolutionz
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