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 Flower Poker Rules

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PostSubject: Flower Poker Rules   Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:17 pm

In Flower Poker, two betters place their bets with the host, then each player plants their hand. The best hand a player can plant is five-of-a-kind – where all flowers are the same colour, followed by four-of-a-kind , followed by a full house , followed by three-of-a-kind , followed by 2 pairs, followed by 1 pair, followed by a "bust" (every flower has different colours). Each better must lay 5 flowers down using mithril seed's, The better that obtains the most pairs(Same colors) of flowers is the winner. Ex: A host lay down 5 flowers, He gets a yellow, Followed by a red, Followed by a blue, Followed by another yellow, followed by a pastel. The better lays down all different coloered flowers with no matching pairs. The host had two yellow flowers(A pair) in which he wins that bet.

In the Image the player marked by a orange Square is the winner, why? The reason is marked by the black circles he laid 2 pairs(two oranges and two multicolor d's) and the player marked by yellow lost because he failed to plant any matching colors.

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Flower Poker Rules
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